mental images of real men!

I keep flashing back to brave souls in kilts the B always a hoot. And Moonwolf picking up the guantlet of the younger techset with 'the bold Marauder'...sigh. That was a kodak moment. Still in post con blues with my big blue tank now being worked rains....and my tank didn't like sitting for 4 days. So I hope to have my car back sometime. right now i am in a rental. don't want a rental..want my OLD CAR. grr. ah well. Hope folks had a good time at world con. at least as good as dragon.

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argh post dragoncon 2004. whine....don't want to go home. want to stay! Great diet system. Minimal food, maximum walking. And music music music! Gad. Longcor as usual delivered the goods in spades. Tom Smith, The Boogie Babe minus the other Boogies did a wonderful virtual trip of stuff upcoming what a lovely lady. And new talent! Eastern block filk. Amazing to find out how many are 3rd generation immigrant offspring. 26 verses of Christmas tune related scifi that had everybody howling. An insta filk of F.E.M.A. from a very nice young man. Bob Aspirin in fine form played MY guitar. Whoohee. And 7 a m. we closed the room down. I am tired. very very tired but happy! Bold Mirauder sp? in a rousing rendition that had the room rocking. Just lovely. and I am TIRED. but ...wannadoitagain! Hi Paul! Larrissa, Rob hope you all had half as much fun at worldcon as I had at Dragon. Be sweet!

what am i doing?

many many moons ago, i got on this thing and crazy stuff happened. Don't know if I trust this silly thing. It's big print which I need but I 'spect it's a bit weird for everybody else.
I am sewing. I am beading...I am an indiot trying to put together a two hide native american dress. Try finding instructions for that on the web....Three hide yes, two hide no. so it's re inventing the wheel. I hope to have it finished for Dragoncon and we will see. This whole thing got started because of filk. I watched all this handiwork going on round the circle and I was 'idle'. so....I don't sew, hah, I don't crosstitch, knit, quilt etc so..I wanted something to do. Fate says ooooh, look two pretty hides at a indain reservation store....I betcha' could...and so sew it goes. Anyway....spect to see folks at Dragon or may not see folks as Worldcon is going on same weekend. But it will be fun and who knows? Could have the thing at least wearable. Of course, beading can continue even if its 'finished' to some extent for years and years and years.


Was it a good Con? Yep! WAs it a good filk track? Yep! Was it an 'open filk' ala Ga filk? Nope. But there was great music, oh yes!
How could there not be with Boogie Knights, Gwen Knighton, Bob Aspirin, pieces of the B Bards and EMerald Rose sitting in the open filk? Lets not forget the local talent of Hannah, Gina, Del and a very nice violin player with lovey voice. So ...yes there was wonderful music at the open filk, but it wasn't Gafilk style filking. Sigh. My own personal opinion tends to color my satisfaction or disatisfation about the matter. All folks there are filkers and should be free to filk. But the perameters of that room ...Hey, I am not whining! But it does have major problems. The space is a quiet diminsion removed, sound proofed away from the chaos of the con, but it just naturally divides the peple there into performers' and 'audience' like it or not. It is a learning center and it has a stage area. A small stage area. The chairs are comfy, the view is grand, the music was wonderful but it still niggles in my backbrain that it ain't right. I can't breach the divide....albiet I tried but physically that room makes it a lost cause. I have no solution so I carried water....and filking is thirsty work for audience and performer so I had a good time. Even sang a song or two! But ah how I wish it had more participants in 'circle' and there is the root of my disatisfaction. I don't believe in survial of the fittest in filk. I want to hear those people and what they have to sing...and I didn't have that chance even to know who they may have been. They were the 'audience'. I am so looking forward to Gafilk.

I love the mountaines......

I took to the hills, of North Carolina that is, worn old Rockies eastern style and the oldest geological mountains on this continent, climbed a water fall part way up and risked my neck further on a chair ride older than I am. I love North Carolia! Enter at your own risk, use the safty bar only if you want to...smoke! walk with bears, take risks and on your own head be it. The FREEDOM of choice and acceptance of responsibility for acts of judgement, good and bad....I LOVE North Carolina!
I hunga hammock in between two trees on a very small island in a creek and got Natures own air conditioning....gloried in the fireflies as they darted around said lovely spot....the blossoms of the rohdidendren, the butterflies...sigh. Marshmallows over an open fire...and slept to the tune of the creek lulling me to sleep. NO mosquitos!
If I ever come into any money any where or way, I am moving!
I picked up two deer skins and am working on two hide plains style indian feeling 'crafty' after visiting the Qualla Boundary. Got two very good books about the Cherokee and highly recommend a visit to the outdoor play Unto these Hills.
I crossed the state line and felt like I had 'come home'. Well..I was 'conceived' there and I wonder if I'm a reincarnated old 'hillbilly redneck', grin.
If you want to take a vacation, take to the hills...North Carolina is awesome. Standing Indian Campground is a very nice place to go. I kept thinking gawd, so and so should see this, wouldn't such and such get a kick out of this....etc etc etc. Okay. done ranting!

Spring and Skeeters

I am an idiot. I am a dang fool idiot.
I bought a yard item. A concrete 'thing' about 3 foot plus tall of a victorian girl child holding two bowls shoulder height and I thin it is bespelled.
I have cut my grass. I have bought a weed wacher and a hedge trimmer and am contemplating putting in flower beds...I am 'cursed'.
I would love to know the history of that yard peice as it must have been in a lovely yard with a real gardener who loved their 'space'. I Think it is an old yard peice as it is one I have never seen before and I got it at an antique store.
I hope , hope....HOPE it brings with it a green thumb or I am a really Big idiot for investing in yard stuff and killing innocent plants. Groan. But...we will see!

bombmakers in my home town....

Old with town mindset, backwater communtiy and a brown van of carrying about 1/2 dozen men of middle eastern extraction moved on leaving forwarding addresses in parts of South Carolina. The FBI found the bathtub had been used in the apartment complex to make explosives. They weren't here long but they didn't look folks in the apartment in the eye, even though 'southern' hospitality had folks trying to interact with them. This community may have been just 'too town minded' to make tem feel 'safe'. Safe if you don't plan bad things yes, not safe if you want anonimity. So where are they now? Who knows....probably looking for a bigger city..and they have explosives now. They have not been caught. Am I surprised? No. I lived in Pakistan. I watched women going about their lives in the culture of the burka..and the very very ridgid culture of that society. Are we are very real threat? Oh yes. To their way of life because of the 'idea' of freedom. They can bomb, kill, whatever....but it's is the material world they intereact with ...the one thing they can't stamp out is an idea. And we may fail the ideal of our own belief of what this nation stands for sometimes, but it doesn't fail us....and that is a beacon that will endure...and it can't be put out.

The blessing of free speech

I have a neice maybe no longer in Kuwait and maybe closer to BAgdad than i'd care to think about. Maybe even in Bagdad. Shudder. Maybe not, but somebody's loved ones are.
She is doing her duty in serving the call of her nation's will which 70% plus of it's people have voiced 'make it so'. That 30% differ and vocally, gives a fine mirror of the strength of this nation. There is no blood in the streets...not here. There are no torture chambers set up by an organized government and I have my guns and rights to my own space with legal protection to keep it so. Rights to speak freely,rights to free thinking as well. So we agree to disagree and still be 'American'.
Bless those in harm's way, bless the people who are bearing the burden of chosing to place those people in harm's way. May they be wise and careful in their actions. And bless those who cry for peace. It is what all should seek but it can be by differing routes. I know of a man who entered a camp in Germany and killed with a chocolate bar. An act of compassion and kindness killed a starved survivor of the 'don't rock my boat' mindset of decades past who indirectly brought that sad individual to the brink of joyful resuce after years on that long, long road of hell. Can you imagine how that GI felt? Think about living with that memory.